Long Layers

As I was linking the outfit details, I realized that everything (with the exception of shoes & sunnies) is from Target. Specifically the Who What Wear collection. Ha. I need a new place to shop. 

They are some good pieces though. This black dress, I know I'll be getting a ton of use out of this summer. From a easy day dress to a swimsuit cover-up, it's definitely a great piece to have on hand. 

Did you all have a good weekend? Brand and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Friday and then Saturday we went to the COPA America game, which was a TON of fun. I had never been to a live professional soccer game and I must say I was pleasently surprised. By far my new favorite sport to watch live.  And then Sunday we got stuff done, so all-in-all a good weekend. 

"always take the scenic route"


Day-To-Night Bikinis

This post is sponsored by Target

Great days that lead straight into the night are one of my favorite things about summer. Everyone is laidback, having a good time and not wanting the fun to end.

There have been countless times we have been hanging out at the pool all day and then decide it would probably be a good idea to carry the day into the night and head out from some food/drinks.

Being prepared for this is a totally different story. It’s not often I leave the house in the morning prepared for what the night might bring, but today I have teamed up with Target to style a couple of bikinis with a few simple piece that will definitely take your look straight from the pool/beach out for some drinks.

July is all about the Red, White and Blue and I am absolutely loving this kimono and short set from Target. These pieces fit right in with the festive theme and can easily be worn to and from the pool.

When it comes to bikinis, I usually go for just the strapless tops that don’t require too much fuss, but I am absolutely obsessed with the off-the-shoulder sleeves on this one (and of course the eyelet detail). I love that it’s a top that can easily be worn as a top with a pair of high-waist shorts.

Throw on a pair of heels, the kimono and you are good for a summer night out with friends.

I’m usually a neutrals kind of girl, but if there is one season to play up the bright color it’s definitely summer. Target has so many great pieces that have a bit of a tropical vibe, because even though you might not be on a tropical beach, you can at least feel like it, right?

This tropical printed bikini is a fun print to wear during the summer and pairs perfectly with this black drawstring skirt; an easy and festive look for lounging by the pool.  

Also, can we talk about this hat?! I’m obsessed. I’m ALL about hats in the summer, but this is my first boater hat and it’s definitely the one hat I’ll be reaching for all summer long. Plus it’s definitely good to have on hand when heading out after a day in the water (because I certainly do not have the perfect beachy hair).

When you’re headed out, no need to cover up the bikini completely, I love the idea of showing this bikini off because it fits almost like a crop top. Having the sheer button up provides the necessary coverage while still showing off the tropical vibe of the suit. And a cute little saddle bag makes the transition from pool day to night—out seamless.

What are some ways you ladies take your pool/beach looks into the night? 

Find your style @targetstyle



White Lace Off-The-Shoulder

So can I just say how happy I am that off-the-shoulder is such a trend this year. I'm obsessed and there are so many options which make it all the better. I will say, I wasn't totally sold on this whole half sleeve deal, but the lace detail was so pretty on this shirt I decided to just go for it. So glad I did because it's definitely one of my favorite shirts this summer. 

I'm also in love with these denim shorts. Denim shorts are a complete necessity in my summer wardrobe and I'm always on the hunt to find a good pair that fit well. These are by BlankNYC and I was a bit skeptical at first because I have tried their jeans and they just never fit right (much to my dismay), but these shorts fit perfectly and I'd definitely recommend them if you are in the market. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Brand and I had a super low key weekend. It was ridiculously hot, so staying inside was our best bet and that's pretty much what we did, so not much to talk about. 

"in art as in love, instinct is enough"

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