eating...The Complete Cookie. I have always been a breakfast person(and not a bowl of cereal, but ever since I started working out in the morning nothing sounds good. Not even a smoothie. But anyways, my point, I picked up these Complete Cookies the other day and eat it all throughout the morning. They are so good and full of protein. 

drinking...Sparkling Ice. Obsessed with these, specifically the Strawberry Lemonade. I had them when I was back in Michigan and now I can't stop drinking them. They are the perfect pop replacement. 

watching...Mad Men. Brand and I just discovered that the second half of the last season is now on Netflix, so we are finishing that up. Such a good show. 

going...To Michigan at the end of October. It's just a weekend trip for me complete with a Brand New concert on Friday and a UofM game on Saturday. I'm looking forward to a bit of the real fall weather.

reading...Shotgun Lovesongs. When I was back in Michigan last month, I picked up Here's to Us for a beach read. I didn't want anything too in depth, just something easy and as easy of a read that it was, as soon as I finished, it made me excited to start a new book, so I picked up Shotgun Lovesongs last weekend.

loving...Shameless. I don't think we've discussed Shameless yet, so I'm taking this opportunity to do so. I am obsessed and I'm pretty sure I got my entire family obsessed. We finished the first 4 seasons on Netflix and on Friday when Brand and I were looking for something to watch (prior to discovering Mad Men) I saw Seasons 5 & 6 are now on there. Do you girls watch this? If not, I highly suggest you do. It is a good one!I hate to say this, but I'm looking forward to finishing up Mad Men so I can binge Shameless. 

working...out :) On a pretty consistent basis I may add and I'm rather proud of myself. Dare I say I actually enjoy it? I probably won't make it for a month now. 

listening...Nothing in particular. I did mention above that I will be going to a Brand New concert at the end of October, so I'll be listening to them on repeat until then. 

buying...Bodysuits. I have to literally remind myself everytime I see one that I do.not.need anymore at this time. I've noticed not everyone is a huge fan of this trend, but I'm telling you, it's worth giving it a try. There are so many cute options out there (too many). 

planning...My 30th birthday weekend. It's not until December, but I am so looking forward to it. My siblings are all coming and some of my good friends, so I'm ready for it to be here already.  
wondering...I can't answer this questions because everytime I go to answer it I start wondering what I am wondering about and it drives me insane. Note to self: erase this question.  

feeling...Excited. For another trip to Michigan, for my birthday, for the holidays. Basically just the last part of this year (although I am all for slowing time down and making it last). 

Hope you are all having a great week!

Utility Shirt


I picked up this shirt the other day at Old Navy and have been wearing it every change I get. It is the perfect oversized shirt for fall and I love that the options for styling are effortless. 
A utility jacket is something I think everyone should have in their closet. It's a piece I constantly reach for in the fall/winter and I love that this blouse is basically a lighter version of the jacket. The fact that it is lighter makes it perfect for the Arizona "fall/winter". 
Did you all have a nice weekend? Ours was extremely low-key, but nice nonetheless. 
Hope your week is off to a great start!
"some people create their own storms, then get upset when it rains"

Blue & Gold OTS Blouse


Found another off-the-shoulder top I couldn't say no to :) 
I had this sitting in my Favorites on Revolve forever, but it was sold out before I got a chance to purchase it, but every time I browsed through my favorites it was the one piece that I kept checking to see if it was back in stock. Well it finally did come back in stock, so a snatched (that's a weird word) right away. 
The navy blue with the hints of gold is a perfect color pallet to take me into fall and since it doesn't really get "cold" here, it's definitely a shirt I'll be wearing all season. 
And on that note...
Happy Friday friends! Made it through another week, so cheers to that! Do you girls have any plans this weekend? I don't think we have too much going on. Michigan football, but that's about it, so hopefully it will be a relaxing, yet productive one.
"it sounds simple, but sometimes you have to give time, time"

Favorite Fall Trends


I'm sure you've heard by now that it's about that time for everything fall. I'm not huge pumpkin spice anything (except maybe a slice of pie), but everything else for fall I can get behind. 
We are hitting the low 90's here in Phoenix (at least this week) which means it's basically fall and if there is one thing that excites me the most about fall, it is the fashion...I know, I'm basically the only one ;) When I can finally pack up my shorts and wear my jeans on a consistent basis, I am one happy girl. (Fun Fact: I heard on the news today we actually only hit 97 days this year over 100 degrees which is the least amount of days in 15 years) 
Below are a few trends I am most looking forward to this fall. Will you girls be participating in any?


I've been participating in this trend for a while now (seen here and here).
I'm loving all the sweater and long sleeve options that are available for fall so I'll definitely be continuing on with this one.

Bomber Jacket

I'm definitely in need of a bomber jacket this fall/winter, specifically this Suede Burgundy one. So perfect.
I love that this style of jacket is coming back, it's the perfect amount of casual to throw on over any outfit and go.

Pajama Dressing

Quite possibly my favorite trend this season because, lets be real, who doesn't want to just live in their pajamas?
I'm loving the white piping on the blouses and pants and the satin fabric is always effortlessly sexy

Statement Sleeves

Sleeves with a little drama seem to be a big hit this year and I'm totally into it.
From a simple bell sleeve, to puffed shoulder, to just a little more detail on the sleeves.

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